Campobello Family

The Prince Philip Trust provided Selena Campobello’s family with a grant of £5,000 towards the purchase a Tobii eye gaze computer.

Diagnosed with Rett’s Syndrome, Selena was unable to communicate. Rett Syndrome predominantly affects girls, leaving them aware and alert but without any ability to express themselves. From appearing as healthy babies, by their second birthdays, girls with Rett’s start to lose all muscle control, speech, may develop seizures, breathing and swallowing difficulties, scoliosis and various other conditions. Eventually, the eye remains the only muscle retaining control.

Using Tobii technology, Selena is now able to ask for a drink, say that she is tired, or has a pain. She is now more motivated, less anxious and happier. She can’t talk but Selena has a lot to say! Her teachers have been delighted with her progress at school and it has given Selena a tool to live a more fruitful and meaningful life where she can take part in lessons, and express herself to her family and friends.

The Prince Philip Trust Fund was delighted to help Selena and her family and hopes to spread awareness about Rett’s Syndrome through this donation.

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