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The Prince Philip Trust Fund particularly focuses on supporting people and projects that are involved with disability, health, the elderly, families, children and young people, those in social need and the arts.

Sports & health

We are keen to promote active lives, provide better resources, and encourage inclusion and excellence. The Prince Philip Trust Fund supports a wide range of projects in this field that seek to achieve these aims.

From funding disabled sports programmes, to helping with the purchase of equipment for youth and community sport, we aim to encourage healthy lifestyles for all. We have also supported elite athletes in the pursuit of their sport to help them achieve their full potential.

Children & young people

We give to a wide range of projects supporting children and young people. We particularly want to support those projects that help young people to take an active part in their community or to benefit from new opportunities – such as being part of a local group or taking part in a new activity.

We also want to encourage young people to access the arts, gaining new experiences and skills.

Social need & the elderly

We are keen to help vulnerable people or those at risk of exclusion. From supporting projects that tackle homelessness, to helping families in need, we are particularly keen to provide positive experiences for vulnerable groups, such as summer activity clubs for young people at risk or projects to support those who are homeless. We would generally do this through specialist supporting organisations.

“These grants have helped us to reach out to more children with autism, and their families. We can see their confidence growing, friendships developing and having fun – just as other children would be doing at the weekend”

Tricia Kempton, The Autism Group

Arts & literature

We want to encourage as many people to access the arts and literature as possible, regardless of their background. The Trustees are keen to support projects that bring the arts to new communities, or those who are not currently engaged with the arts.

From projects in schools, to work in the heart of the community, The Prince Philip Trust Fund wants people to benefit from the positive experiences that the arts and literature can bring.


Windsor half marathon

Taking place every September, The Prince Philip Trust Fund is a Founding Charity for the Windsor Half Marathon having been involved since the event began in 1982. Described as the UK’s most picturesque half marathon, the race takes place in the magnificent surroundings of Windsor Great Park. The ...

Case Studies

Campobello Family

The Prince Philip Trust provided Selena Campobello’s family with a grant of £5,000 towards the purchase a Tobii eye gaze computer. Diagnosed with Rett’s Syndrome, Selena was unable to communicate. Rett Syndrome predominantly affects girls, leaving them aware and alert but without any ability to express themselves. ...


Windsor Vs Maidenhead: The Prince Philip Trophy Challenge

Ray Mill Island on the River Thames, near Maidenhead, played host to the 2018 Prince Philip Trophy Challenge, an annual river-based competition held between two local sea cadet units who have benefited from funding from the Prince Philip Trust Fund. On Sunday 20th May, cadets from the Training Ship Iron Duke ...

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